Meet the Artist

You never go wrong in a painting. It’s as good as your own life

Art is a world of expression. Resolve your life to express better

Paint, colour, canvas, painter, his passion, his imagination, his knowhow, his paints, his happiness, his anger, his fear, his loneliness, his togetherness … is all what painting is

Don’t try to learn too much to paint, because later unlearning will be difficult

Where should be the weight in a painting?
Where is the light and
Where should the shadow fall.

Look at your shadow and you will know all

Don’t get married to a painting. Let others like it

Most of the famous paintings have occurred because they defy the know-how of painting. They still look right. So don’t worry, simply paint. More you paint, more you progress, but sometimes you regress too. It’s like a fight between what you want to project and what you see

Painting evolves the canvas. The painter is evolved by the paint. Textures are nothing but the frustrations of a painter. But without texture, it’s not a painting

When you look at an object nothing has one colour. Painters have observation in their eyes by which they see orange colour in white

Don’t try to think too much to paint, you will have a block. Simply paint

The Snow Line

Each painting is a journey to childhood, adolescence, old age. If you pass through all phases, it’s complete.

Born to a family of landowners in what was then the state of Bihar, India, Bharat Thakur had an unusual childhood and upbringing. At the age of four, he was taken to the icy remoteness of the Himalayas and for the next thirteen years, was immersed in mysticism, in the cave habitations above the snow line, where there is round the year snowfall and there has been no habitation for eons.

Sukhdev Brahmachari, an adept from the mystical and ancient spiritual tradition of Aghora, was the spiritual preceptor for Bharat’s family. He identified Bharat as a boy marked for a different life – that of a mystic.

Bharat’s journey to the caves began with the child asking his grandfather, “what is going on with you?” on his deathbed.

Following this, the four-year old child took the unusual step to get his own answers and followed his master to the hills, away from family and into the unknown.

Apprentice in a Primal Landscape

Play as you are ending.
Playing is an art to understand.
Yet another day is going.
I am living my death
With another day in hand.
Playing with death.
It is called freedom.
When life becomes play,
Fear shall go.
No more life.
Just a play moving towards the end.

- from the book, Truth, the art of the mystics, by Dr. Bharat Thakur

Much of his early life was about living off the raw, unbridled and stark nature, of the higher reaches of the Himalayas. What ever was available in the forest – and very little was – became food and shelter. Days were spent sitting in silence, often hungry, under the stern gaze of his master, places were traversed barefoot on ice and rock, with very little to cover the body.

Bharat was exposed to the elements in all their power, which practically groomed the spirit to beyond the ordinary, with goals of awakening, enlightenment.

Yoga and the powerful mystic science of Tantra were the bedrock of his training. Bharat was immersed in a vision of life that was ‘a-ghora’, a complete embrace of life, sans judgment, beyond the duality and conflicts of ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’.

Aghoris live with the motto "live like today is your last day”. They are also probably the oldest researchers mankind has ever known. At an early age, Bharat would go on to join this lineage of adepts, and was subsequently appointed to take the legacy forward.

On succeeding his master, Bharat was given the missions - spread yoga to all and initiate the deserving into the mystic knowledge.

First Brush

People say imagination is a path for a painter and reference is a need. But actually you paint an experience by going within

Initial contacts with the world were quiet funny. The young boy had not experienced the many common experiences of society - family, neighbors, grocery, government, community, newspaper, books, pen and paper, electricity, gadgets, movies, fairs, shops, schools, hospitals, razor, mattress, shoes… he had heard of the 'world out there' from the mendicants and adepts who brought stories in their travels. So the story goes that, when he first saw a pig, he wondered if it was a baby elephant!

In 1992, Bharat enrolled in Rani Laxmibai College of Physical Education, Gwalior, a premier national sports institution in India. He majored in exercise physiology and bio-mechanics. He was at this time pursuing his spiritual practices as well as training to be an athlete.

The calamitous change in environment from the Himalayas to urban life had a profound impact on Bharat – it at once drove him deeper to excel in his academics and spiritual practices but also created an intense desire to reach out and express his inner world.

Larger Canvas – Tapasya

A painter lives his entire life in every painting

Tapasya means ‘to burn away ignorance’. The starting point of Bharat as an artist was unique. Free, enlightened and with a mission to enlighten people. A spiritual adept whose practices have evolved with the mysteries of light and sound, an artist with mastery over his senses and one knows how to harness the limitless potential of the mind.

One of the goals of embracing a spiritual life is to achieve Samadhi or equanimity - a state where your thoughts no longer control you but the reverse is true, you gain mastery over them, using them as tools rather than being subjected to their fluctuations. The mind and its mysteries are therefore ready to reveal themselves to such an adept who no longer is a victim of its fluctuations.

Aghora is also a path that celebrates the vitality of the senses. This approach nurtures the senses and hones them rather than suppress them. The mind and the senses are brought in harmony and the canvas of life therefore is infinite and explorations limitless.

By 1999, Bharat had completed his M Phil and was beginning to reach out to the society at large with his mission. This also marked his second phase as a painter – a more serious phase where he was painting on canvas with oil and acrylic. Bharat travelled the length and breadth of India conducting spiritual workshops where he initiated people into the yogic way of life.

Going Within

I don’t know how to work with a brush because it has varied sizes. I know each segment of my hand, nails, fingers. For me, they are my brushes

Eccentric methods, unconventional tools, a rawness heightened by dramatic use of colour and texture. Fierce and gentle at the same time, with his strokes and use of canvas and paint, Bharat is constantly evolving a unique grammar which allows him to express his inner world and at the same time, reach out and touch the viewer.


Good Health is not an absence of disease, it is a positive state of well being

In 2002, Bharat founded the company Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga in India, which currently has spread to the UAE, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia.

Artistic Yoga is a form of yoga that allows the common man, with no prior knowledge of Yoga, to adopt a holistic approach to achieve peak fitness, good health and overall wellbeing.

Its founding principles were based on reaching out and inspiring people to live a life sans stress, and duality, creating in the practitioner, conditions ideal for a more satisfying experience of life.

When people approached Bharat to learn meditation, he always insisted on getting fit and happy as preconditions for the practice of meditation. “Meditation happens when you are tired of happiness”.

Over the years, Bharat added, Software, Film production and large scale farming to his portfolio of companies.

Quick Facts

Bharat Chandra Thakur
Born on October 5, 1972
Place of Birth: Dhanbad, Jharkand.

Education: MSc, MPhil, PhD. from Laxmi Bai National University of Physical Education, Gwalior Post Doctoral Degree

Research Papers
1. Effects of Kapalbhati (breathing technique) on cardio-vascular efficiency
2. Lifestyle assessment of Indian Yogis belonging to different Yogic Practices

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